Danielle Whitworth

Danielle Whitworth

Name: Danielle Whitworth

Position: Core Volunteer Staff, Board Member, & Executive Staff (Treasurer).

Specialties: Tabletop RPG, Board game, Card games, and Vanning.

RPG Experience since:

  • Tabletop: 2017
  • LARP: Boffer & quest (2017+)
  • CRPG: 2008
  • SAB/M: N/A

Location(s): Eastern Washington & Northern Idaho.

RPG System(s): Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, Adventures in Middle-earth, No Thank You Evil.

Favorite Games: Cat tower, Star realms, ticket to ride, Magic the gathering, and Dominion

Danielle is training as recreational therapist at Eastern Washington University. She is working on achieving the NCTRC Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS) certification..

She is also working on her certifications for:

  • RPG Advocate
  • RPG Facilitator
  • RPG Game Master