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RPG Research small Logo with URL RPG Research is a non-profit 100% volunteer-run 501(c)3 human services charitable research and community services organization. We research the effects of all role-playing game formats, and apply the research to community programs empowering participants to achieve their educational, occupational, recreational, & therapeutic goals.

RPG formats include:

  • Tabletop (RPG aka TRPG)
  • Live-action (LARP)
  • Computer-based (CRPG)
  • Solo adventure books/modules (SABM)

Your support helps us achieve our Mission and Vision to globally improve the human condition.

RPG Research is 100% Volunteer run. See our list of volunteer openings and information on how to apply as a volunteer on our volunteer page.

The Power of Your Support

Your donations help RPG Research continue and grow the following:

  • Research studies on the effects of all RPG Formats. Includes: Instituational Review Board (IRB) costs for research studies, facilities, participants, legal, and related research costs
  • Website hosting costs freely providing the open, international, research repository to the public.
  • Research-based community programs helping improve participants’ quality of life.
  • Books, dice, paper, pencils, accessibility equipment, and other gaming related materials
  • Administrative costs are minimal due to our being 100% volunteer-run, but we still have to pay annual fees, licenses, etc. to city, county, state, and federal government agencies
  • Office and facilities costs. We keep these to a minimum through shared virtual office
  • Travel costs for research and community programs.
  • Maintenance and travel costs for use of accessible mobile facilities to improve the reach of research & community programs.
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