RPG Research regular volunteers can opt to receive extensive training, but participating in our regular training sessions offered for a wide range of areas. Including potential to work toward qualifying for the RPG Professional Certifications offered by the company RPG Therapeutics LLC.

All Volunteers

All RPG Research volutneers of any level, must proceed through the application, training, and sign off stages as follows:

  • Application for position
  • Review of application
  • Screening interview
  • Staff group interview
  • Acceptance
  • Completion of volunteer paperwork
  • Begin background check process
  • Join staff meetings & trainings, at least one per week, better if 2+ per week.
  • Participate in at least 1 “Mobile Deployment Rehearsal” per month.
  • Help in any capacity with at least 1 RPG Research event per month (community program like Spark Central, event like Spocon Game Day or Tolkien Moot, etc.).
  • Help with marketing, social networking, and funraising efforts.
  • Participate in RPG Research email list, website forum, and/or chatroom discussions.
  • Take on at least one task item from the RPG Research Volunteers Task List.

All RPG-related Trainee Volunteers

All RPG Research RPG trainees must engage in all of the above, plus:

  • Participate as a player in at least one game session (anywhere) per month (friends, school, game store, etc.)
  • Participate as a player in at least one RPG Research game session per month.
  • Participate in scheduled RPG Research RPG Retreats (1 to 4 per year).

All Game Master Trainee Volunteers

Game Masters can work toward different levels (0-4).

All RPG Research Game Master Trainees must engage in all of the above, plus:

  • GM Baseline Evaluation: Unless the GM has never GM’d before, all Game Masters will undergo at least one evaluative session, by running a game for RPG Research staff, or recording a session for evaluation by RPG Research staff.
  • Begin practicing as GM by signing up to run sessions at our weekly RPG Training sessions.
  • By 90 days, all GM’s are expected to run at least 1 game session per month for RPG Research. This may be for other RPG Research staff, or, if sufficiently ready, for any o fthe RPG Research public programs.
  • By 180 days, all GM’s are expected to run at least 2 game sessions per month for RPG Research.

Tabletop Game Master Level 0 (TRPG-GM0) Training & Graduation Requirements

RPG Research Beginning GM Trainee (Level 0 GM), training process:

All GM’s must develop Competence & confidence running in the following:

  1. Introduction to No Thank You Evil, Dragonsnot Falls, plus choice of 1 other adventure (or approved equivalent youth system/setting).
  2. Introduction to either BECMI Rules Cyclopedia with choice of intro adventure, or D&D 5th Edition (DnD5) with Lost Mines of Phandelver Beginner Box Set (or other approved equivalent system).
  3. Introduction to either: Adventures in Middle-earth (AiMe) Eves of Mirkwood adventure, or The One Ring Role-Playing Game and Marsh Bell Adventure.
  4. Introduction to Star Wars RPG (choose any 1: Beginner box & included adventure: Age of Rebellion, Edge of the Empire, The Force Awakens, Force & Destiny) (or other approved Science Fiction RPG system/setting).
  5. Introductory modern-day police procedural/mystery. “Shaved” Doctor Who RPG system, and introductory adventure. (finalization pending development and evaluation) (or other approved similar goals genre/system/setting).

More important than mechanical knowledge, Level 0 Game Masters will also be receiving training on social dynamics, recreation theories, player archetype challenges, voicing, accessibility considerations, conflict resolution, group management skills, and overall improving base GM skills. These concepts will be introduced at level 0, but have a lighter weight to grading at level 0, while Level 1 these concepts and performance will become more dominant grade weighting.

Opportunity to Graduate & Earn Trainee Diploma & Badge

Once a Game Master is able to regularly run all 5 of these adventures & Settings, they can evaluated for “graduating” as an RPG Research Level 0 GM, and earn their GM0 diploma and badge number. Graduation is based on running all 5 games for RPG Research staff, who provide scoring evaluations of the GM. Once the GM has passing scores on all 5 systems, they are eligible for GM0 recognition.

Game Masters may in parallel be working on their Level 1 development, but cannot receive their level 1 graduation until they have first completed level 0.

BECMI D&D Rules Cyclopedia PDF and Print on Demand:

Cubicle 7 Doctor Who RPG:

Opportunity to Certify

Those who graduate from RPG Research with GM Level 0 training diploma & badge number are eligible to make one effort at passing the RPG Therapeutics LLC Certification Test for free. You may retake the certification as many times as you wish, but will need to pay the normal testing fees for all re-takes after the first attempt.

RPG Therapeutics LLC GM0 Certification is a completely online automated test, with no need for practicum or observed sessions.

All testees must have current passed background check to take the test.


Details on GM1-4 Training coming soon.