Volunteer Hours & Color Codes

We follow a ROYGBIV Color Coding for volunteer hours completed

Most of our voluteers & trainees put in about 4 to 10 hours per week. Between group training, "giving back to the community",  additional game sessions, & online self-study our volunteers typically put in anywhere between 4 to 10 hours per week.

We have a number of methods of thanking them, and also a form of recognition between volunteers using our color coding system based on total volunteer hours given. These hours do not usually count self-study time, but do include training sessions, give-back to the community hours, and other relevant group activities. We then award a color code in honor of both the Paranoia RPG and the sci-fi series Star Trek: ROYGBIV.

We started out with actual shirts, and still appreciate those who wear shirts of the appropriate color, but it was too expensive a prospect to keep providing the shirts (did not use donor money, instead our founder provided the shirts with his own funds), so while people are encouraged to wear a shirt appropriate to their hours ranking, there wasn't actually ever any hard and fast requirement.

We experimented with sashes, and different badges, but those were never quite right.

Now we just indicate by the background color of their RPG Research badge.

All on-boarded volunteers start out as "Red shirts". :-)  Then progress along the visible light spectrum of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, & Violet. Our founder is technically "Ultraviolet" so he sometimes during Paranoia RPG sessions will wear white under a black light for that effect. :-)

Here are the hours ranked by colors (ROY-G-BIV)

Hours Color Notes
0 - 99 Red Typical level one trainee.
100 - 199 Orange Typical level one player graduate & GM level one trainee or graduate.
200 - 399 Yellow Typical level two player graduate & GM level two trainee or graduate.
400 - 799 Green Typical level three player graduate & GM level three trainee or graduate.
800 - 1,599 Blue Typical level four trainee or graduate.
1,600 - 3,199 Indigo Typical level five trainee or graduate.
3,200 - 6, 399 Violet Typical level six trainee or graduate.
6,400 + Ultraviolet Typical level seven trainee or graduate.