Our roots began in 1984 studying the effects of all RPG formats, and online since 2004 sharing their potential with the world. We also provide accessible community programs, building upon the body of research, and helping a wide range of people, with diverse needs. Through our programs we help them achieve their educational and therapeutic goals. We extend our geographic reach for research and helping, both online and with the Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer & RPG Bus mobile facilities. Our volunteers travel the country, especially to those in under-served and un-served rural locations, providing services to those that benefit the most. The RPG Trailer provides people with a comfortable, safe, wheelchair accessible gaming and music “living room” on wheels, for the optimal experience.

2017 RPG Research at Spokane Convention Center with Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer with Cosplayers:

2005 RPG Research & MerpCon I

2017 Spokane Convention Center RPG Research GM John Welker with youth: No Thank You Evil RPG

2007 RPG Research with EWU & North East Youth Center (NYEC): Fantastic Fun for All: Extreme Medieval Sports: Hawke's Lance-A-Lot

2017 RPG Research & Muscular Dystrophy Association: Battle Royale Boffer LARP, Summer 2017

2009 RPG Research & Middle-earth Talk Show Youth Panel

2017 July RPG Research Core Volunteer Staff

2007 RPG Research and the Northeast Youth Center (NYEC) & EWU, Left: Lord Wiezel of Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), Hawke, Right: Professor Barbara Brock

2017: RPG Research & Tolkien Moot XIII

2017: RPG Research & MDA: Shield Painting for Battle Royale LARP

2015 RPG Research Community Gaming session, includes Participants with Cerebral Palsy

2017 RPG Research at SpoCon Convention

2015: RPG Research Community Gaming with Cp

2016 RPG Research & Tolkien Moot

2010: RPG Research & MerpCon VI

2017 RPG Research Tolkien Moot XIII

2016 RPG Research Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer Tour #1. Seattle with Wheelhouse Workshop's Adam Johns & Adam Davis, Hawke, and The Two Bards Podcast Andy Dopieralski

2015 WorldCon: Sasquan Gaming by John Welker of Spokane Area Gaming Alliance & RPG Research

2015 RPG Research & The Spartan Show's Adventurer's Guild on Twitch

2014 Program for Autism Spectrum ASD / PDD Toddlers 2-5 years old at Eastern Washington University (EWU): Save the Royal Family Adapted LARP

2017 RPG Research insite Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer Prototype at

2017 RPG Research Observing, Assessing, & Advising Wheelhouse Workshop's RPG Social Skills Youth Program, Seattle. Hawke with Adam Davis & Adam Johns

2014 RPG Research Autism Program, 1940s Gumshoe, for Civic Resource Skills Development

2015 RPG Research one of many of our Gaming Rooms

2014: Extra-Life 24 hours Gaming Fundraiser for Children's Hospitals

2016 RPG Research & Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer Tour #1, Tacoma: Writer: Matt Vancil of The Gamers, Journey Quest, etc.

The RPG Research website is an open, international, repository of research information on the effects of Role-Playing Games (RPGs).

Studying the effects & uses of all RPG formats:

  • Tabletop (TRPG)
  • Live-action (LARP)
  • Computer-based (CRPG)
  • Solo adventure  books and modules (SABM).

RPG Research is a Washington State non-profit company.

We are an international team of volunteers aggregating research in a public repository and providing community and adaptive programs, using RPGs to empower people to achieve their educational, recreational, and/or therapeutic goals for a measurably better quality of life.

The data from these community programs is fed back into research repository, and shared with the public, furthering the body of knowledge.

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Since 1984 RPG Research's founder, Hawke Robinson, has been researching the effects & uses of RPGs. He is a Washington State Department of Health Registered Recreational Therapist, with an interdisciplinary background in recreation therapy, music therapy, neuroscience, computer science, and research psychology. He has been involved with RPGs since the 1970s, using RPGs for client education goals since 1985, and for client therapeutic goals since 2004.

Since early 2017, Hawke has been joined by a growing core team of dedicated, wonderful, volunteers to help grow the capabilities of the research and program plans.

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2016 RPG Research & Tolkien Moot