The role-playing game (RPG) professional services industries encompass a range of services and training opportunities aimed at leveraging RPGs for various beneficial outcomes. Below is a summary overview of this industry.

Industry Structure

RPG Professional Services: These services cover a wide array, including consulting, education, entertainment, events, online, and recreational services, along with specialized services for educators and therapists. Noteworthy services are therapeutic recreation, simulated social groups, and therapeutic group programs that utilize RPGs to attain specific goals​.

RPG Professional Training: The industries offer intensive training programs for individuals keen on integrating RPGs professionally. The training includes self-paced online courses, workshops, training books, and interactive tools. RPG.LLC, for instance, provides a structured training advancement scheme culminating in Role-Playing Game Professional Certifications and Diplomas​.

Industry Leaders:

RPG.LLC: A significant player in the RPG professional services industries, offering a comprehensive range of services and training programs. With over 45 years of experience, research, and evidence-in-practice, they are a global leader in this field. They aim to measurably improve bio-psycho-socioemotional functioning and quality of life for diverse populations through research-and-evidence-in-practice supported modalities, including RPGs​.


RPG Research: Although not a commercial entity, the non-profit research and human services charitable organization RPG Research contributes significantly to the industry by providing the world's largest free and open vast knowledgebase on the effects and applications of RPGs for a wide range of populations. Their work supports the recreational, educational, therapeutic, and professional use of RPGs.

Market Research:

There’s ongoing market research to understand better and evaluate the global tabletop role-playing game (TRPG) professional market, which is part of the broader RPG professional services industries​.

Industry Innovations:

Online Services: The industries have embraced online platforms to deliver services, making RPG professional services more accessible globally​.

Certification Programs: The introduction of certification programs like the RPGP (Role-Playing Game Professional) certification helps standardize the industry practices and ensure safety and quality of service delivery​.

Community Engagement:

Engaging with the community is a key aspect, where professionals and organizations share knowledge, offer training, and work collaboratively to advance the field. This includes both online and offline engagements like workshops, events, and collaborative programs.

Industry Challenges:

As with many professional service industries, maintaining a high standard of service, keeping up with the latest research and best practices, and navigating the legal and ethical considerations are some of the challenges faced by professionals in the RPG professional services industries.

The RPG professional services industries are multifaceted, offering a broad spectrum of services and training opportunities for individuals and groups. The continuous evolution and standardization of practices, alongside community engagement and market research, contribute to the growth and recognition of the professional value of RPGs in various domains.


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