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Here is a brief list of just a few of the organizations we have in the past or currently work with over the decades:

PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) (USA)

MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association) (USA)

Spokane Public Schools (Spokane, WA)

Navos Mental Health (Seattle / King County, Washington)

Boy Scouts of America (USA)

Campfire USA (USA)

American Therapeutic Recreation Association (ATRA) (USA)

PNWATRA (Pacific Northwest American Therapeutic Recreation Association) (Oregon)

WSTRA (Washington State Therapeutic Recreation Association) (Washington)

GenCon (Indiana, USA, Global)

SpoCon (Spokane, WA)

WorldCon (New Zealand / Global)

PAX East Unplugged (PA, USA)

Saint Luke's Rehabilitation (Washington)

Spark Central Community Center (Washington)

NEYC - Northeast Youth Center

Realm of Inquiry - A School for Gifted and Talented Children (K-12) (Utah)

EWU - Eastern Washington University

WSU - Washington State University

RPG Research, Global

RPG LLC, Global

Spark Central, Spokane, WA

Eä Tolkien Society / Tolkien Moot, Global and Spokane, WA

Abantey Role-play Workshop, Oakland, California, US

Bodhana Group,

Game To Grow (previously Wheelhouse Workshop), Seattle, WA

Take This!, Seattle, WA

Dots RPG Project

Mythic Larp and Mythic RPG

Professor Sarah Lynne Bowman

Living Games Conference

Teaching with Dungeons & Dragons

Neural Matrix Entertainment (NME) - Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) games

Individuals of Note (pending TODO)...

Company team

Hawke Robinson (W.A. Hawkes-Robinson), Recreational Therapist

Founder and chief visionary of the non-profit RPG Research & the for-profit RPG LLC. Involved with RPGs since 1977.

Company team

John Welker, VP,

Vice-president and co-founder of RPG Research. Involved with RPGs since 1979. US Military veteran, ..... TODO

Company team

Danielle Whitworth, Recreational Therapist

Sports medicine background and Washington State Department of Health Registered Recreational Therapist. .... TODO

Company team

Kate Hyatt, Treasurer & Project Manager

Formerly with Tesla, ..... TODO

Company team

Professor Sarah Lynne Bowman, Ph.D.


Adam Davis, ...

..... TODO

Adam Johns, ...

... TODO

Jack Berkenstock, ...

..... TODO

Raffael Boccamazzo ("Dr B"),



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