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The RPG Museum

Based on how it goes with your donation support, we are planning to open the experiential learning Role-Playing Game Museum to the public in early-to-mid-2023


Fridays 4-8 pm, Saturdays 1-5 pm. 101 N. Stone Street, Spokane, WA 99202. - [ DONATE ] - [ VOLUNTEER ] -- Ages 4 through 104+ welcomed!
[ Ages 4 to 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. -- Ages 13-17 need signed parent/guardian release forms ]
Resuming soon: Dedicated TRPG table for blind and visually impaired players and American Sign Language table for Deaf/HoH players!

An entire role-playing game experience using artificial intelligence. Can be played in 4 modes:

  1. tabletop RPG (TRPG)
  2. electronic RPG (ERPG)
  3. live-action RPG (LRPG) including xR (Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), etc.)
  4. hybrid RPG (HRPG) a combination of components.

Design for both solo human play, or a group of human players.

While the AI GM is specific to tabletop RPGs only, and can be a supplement to human game masters or new game masters learning, the AI RPG is the entire experience supported by AI and related tools to automate and enhance the experience, but using 40+ years of research and evidence-in-practice by RPG Research's founder Hawke Robinson, to inform the methodologies and algorithms developed.


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