RPG in Educational Settings?

Do role-playing games help in educational settings?

Research and many programs over the decades strongly support the advantages of programs using role-playing games to help people learn and retain educational information.

List of research studies about the efficacy and consideration for role-playing game programs in educational settings:

Old Archive: http://www2.rpgresearch.com/@@search?SearchableText=education

New Archive: https://www.rpgresearch.com/@@search?SearchableText=Education

Example educational programs:

The Role-play Workshop, Oakland California - https://roleplayworkshop.com/

Østerskov Efterskole, Denmark - https://osterskov.dk/in-english/

Role-playing games and education in Brazil: how we do it

Wagner Luiz Schmit, João Batista Martins & Thales Ferreira While still a minor phenomenon, role-playing game techniques have increasingly found a use in education in Brazil. In this article we will present a brief historical survey, focusing especially on teaching materials such as adventure books, tabletop books and some of the larp techniques used by educators inside and outside of classrooms. But we also aim at presenting some examples of how these techniques work in practice, including our own experience of them, and we will argue the importance of having a strong basis in educational theory to guide such interventions.

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Role-playing Games Used as Educational and Therapeutic Tools for Children, Youth, and Adults

An essay providing examples of existing efforts, and potential possibilities for using role-playing games with children, youth, and adults for education and therapy.

Read the full article: http://rpgr.org/documents/rpg-research-documents/rpg-ed-and-therapy

2010 - From MMORPG to a Classroom Multiplayer Presential Role Playing Game

From MMORPG to a Classroom Multiplayer Presential Role Playing Game Susaeta, Heinz; Jimenez, FelipeView Profile; Nussbaum, MiguelView Profile; Gajardo, Ignacio; Andreu, Juan JoseView Profile; et al. Educational Technology & Society13.3 (2010): 257-269.


The popularity of massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) has grown enormously, with communities of players reaching into the millions. Their fantasy narratives present multiple challenges created by the virtual environment and/or other players. The games' potential for education stems from the fact that players are immersed in a virtual world where they have the opportunity to manipulate and explore, thus motivating the construction of knowledge. The interaction and collaboration between participants allows students to exchange information, test their understanding and reflect on what they have learned. Given the promising results of using MMORPG technologies for educational purposes, this paper translates the multiplayer role playing game (MRPG) aspect, the essential concept behind MMORPGs, into the classroom context. We present the abstraction behind a "Classroom Multiplayer Presential Role Playing Game" (CMPRPG) and the development of a CMPRPG for teaching ecology. The game has a quest structure in which each result highlights a key teaching objective. It is implemented at a high level, with interaction between reusable game elements defined using triggers. It is observed that the implemented CMPRPG has appropriate usability levels, benefits the learning and application of the concepts of ecology and, in the interactive dimensions, it encourages participation and collaborative narrative structures among participants. (Contains 8 tables and 2 figures.)

Education level Elementary Education, Grade 6

Title From MMORPG to a Classroom Multiplayer Presential Role Playing Game

Author Susaeta, Heinz; Jimenez, Felipe; Nussbaum, Miguel; Gajardo, Ignacio; Andreu, Juan Jose; Villalta, Marco

Publication title Educational Technology & Society

Publisher International Forum of Educational Technology & Society. Athabasca University; School of Computing & Information Systems, 1 University Drive, Athabasca, AB T9S 3A3, Canada.

ISSN 1436-4522

Source type Scholarly Journals

Peer reviewed Yes

Language of publication English

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RPG Therapy and RPG Education Example Lists

One is a list of role-playing gaming therapy examples, another a list of role-playing gaming used for educational purposes. These lists are auto-generated based on the tag "RPG Therapy example" or "RPG Education example" respectively.  They include any articles, essays, links, pages, files, or other resources on the RPG Research Website that have this tag.

I hope you find these collections useful. Please feel free to post suggestions for additional entries.


List of Studies on RPG for Populations with Psychiatric Illnesses: http://rpgresearch.com/documents/rpg-research/rpg-psych

RPG Therapy Examples List: http://rpgresearch.com/documents/rpg-research-documents/known-rpg-therapy

RPG Education Examples List: http://rpgresearch.com/documents/rpg-research-documents/known-rpg-education

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