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If not use the full absolute URL to a specific citation, tor general citations and documentation purposes referencing RPG Research as a source, use this URL:  https://www.rpgresearch.com/research

This is the URL to use to provide access to researchers for all of our website online repository research resources  as they have evolved over the decades, online since 2004.

When searching for specific content in our knowledgebase.

First try the latest (4.x) version of the public access RPG Research Knowledgebase. https://rpgresearch.com/kb

If you do not find what you are looking for, then this page may help.

  1. Patreon Postings (2012+) https://www.patreon.com/posts/published

Older RPG Research Knowledgebase Versions

  1. 3.x (2020-2022) - https://old12-1011.rpgresearch.com/research
  2. 2.x (2017-2020) RPG Research Knowledgebase Archives (2017-2020). https://w3.rpgresearch.com/research (volunteer staff access only)
  3. 1.x (1979-2017) RPG Research Knowledgebase Archives. https://www2.rpgresearch.com/landing-research-background (volunteer staff access only)


  1. RPG Research's Youtube Channel (2011+) Videos https://youtube.com/rpgresearch (more than 1,000 videos)
  2. RPG Research's Twitch.tv Channel (2015+) Videos https://twitch.tv/rpgresearch.


Audio, video, and text panels

  1. 4.x: (2022+) https://rpgresearch.com/panels
  2. 3.x: (2020-2022)
  3. 2.x: (2017-2020)https://w3.rpgresearch.com/@@search?SearchableText=panel
  4. 1.x (1979-2017) Oldest https://www2.rpgresearch.com/@@search?SearchableText=panel (2004-2017)

Blog Postings

  1. 4.x (2022+) https://rpgresearch.com/blog
  2. 3.x (2020-2022) https://old12-0122.rpgresearch.com/blog
  3. 2.x (2017-2020) https://w3.rpgresearch.com/blog
  4. 1.x (1979-2017) https://www2.rpgresearch.com/blog

If you can't find what you need, let our volunteers know, so we can help you personally . https://www.rpgresearch.com/contactus

Longer explanation The archives are a bit of a mess right now from such rapid growth and because we are moving more than 10,000 content items from our several different repository servers, to consolidate into our newest 4.x RPG Research's Knowledge system by the end of 2022. This includes many thousands more donated content items to be cataloged, scanned, indexed, and entered into the museum catalog. These repositories are scattered across more than 4 different server locations, and have to be migrated manually thanks to the help of our Archivists volunteer team.

You can also join the conversations on our Role-Playing Game Social Network (RPGSN) at www.rpgsn.net Matrix server.

Request For Comments (RFC)

If you are experienced with the research or cataloging process, and you would be interested in participating in the discussion please let us know and we will put you on the discussion list. It will be a narrow and very specific discussion thread, focusing exclusively on that topic so as not to overload RFC participants with many other tangential topics, since all involved already have very full schedules. We have had over 30 professors from around the world, as well as librarians, and museum archivists on the team so far, and want to have as diverse a knowledge pool as possible to determine the best approach.

Then when worked out, moved to a clean full production server. This isn't all or nothing, we can add these fields and structure after the fact, and refine as needed, once the content is in the latest version of our knowledgebase.


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