Accessibility in Role-Playing Gaming

We have decades of background in accessibility research and advocacy for gaming, gaming events, ADA and HIPAA compliance audits, and especially role-playing game design and considerations for accessibility in all formats: tabletop, live-action, electronic, and hybrids.

Our community programs, and our volunteer staff programs take into account and support our diverse accessibility background.

Accessibility, education, and recreational therapy consulting or direct services for populations ranging from 2.5 year old non-verbal Autism spectrum, people with brain injuries, through senior adults with cognitive impairments, and a wide range in between. In addition to direct client programs also provide professional training as well as programs for community, educational, and therapeutic settings.

Example projects:

  1. Muscular Dystrophy Association RPG programs -
  2. SpoCon Convention Accessibility Project - 
  3. Brain-injury & Spinal Cord Injury programs at Saint Luke's Rehabilitation - 
  4. RPG Professional Handbook of Practice with World Health Organization ICF/ICD Codes & Recommended Adaptations - <pending>

Additional relevant links:

  1. Accessible RPG -
  2. ASL RPG -
  3. RPG Research - - RPG Research is a huge advocate for accessibility in gaming. 
  4. Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) controlled RPG Development -
  5. Inspirisles BSL & ASL RPG - <pending>
  6. RPG Therapeutics LLC -
  7. Spokane ASL Study Group -
  8. Wheelchair Accessible RPG Bus & RPG Trailers - 

Event Accessibility Checklists

  1. RPG Research Example for SpoCon <Pending>

Videos, Audio, Panels, Transcription, & Training Sessions on Accessibility in Gaming

  1. <Pending>

Additional resources from other providers coming soon!

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