Role-Playing Game Research - RSVP for TolkienMoot XVIII Today!

TolkienMoot XVIII is just 2 weeks away! RSVP today! July 30th and 31st.

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The 18th annual TolkienMoot convention is taking place July 30th and 31st, 2022, and the RSVP is now open. There is limited seating available for the tabletop role-playing game sessions. This will also take place for the first time at the new Role-Playing Game Community Center (RPG Center) at 101 North Stone Street, Spokane, Washington 99202.

TolkienMoot XVIII's Eä Tolkien Society's special guest panelist speaker includes Signum University teacher Brenton Dickieson !

Eä Tolkien Society next month will be on Saturday, July 30, and will feature a panel discussion including Signum University teacher Brenton Dickieson (blog .

Tolkienmoot special panel discussion will be "TOLKIENMOOT 2022 (July 30)

THEME: HOW DID NUMENOR FALL? exploring our own Earth-interest in the Atlantis legend; also the development of hubris, discontentment, and fate within Middle-Earth; with Sauron as Gift-twister and corruptor (cf. his appearance earlier to elves as Annatar)"... with a focus as well on the intersection of Lewis and Tolkien's Secondary Worlds.


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Hawke Robinson

Known across multiple industries as "The Grandfather of Therapeutic Gaming" because he has been studying the effects and uses of role-playing games and their potential to achieve therapeutic goals longer than anyone else, Hawke Robinson is a Washington State Department of Health Registered Recreational Therapist.

He has a diverse and deep background in Therapeutic Recreation / Recreation Therapy, computer science, neuroscience, cognitive neuropsychology, neurotech, research psychology, nursing, play therapy, education, music, and role-playing gaming.

  • Hawke Robinson has been involved with role-playing games in community settings since 1977.
  • Studying methods for optimizing the experience of role-playing games, software development, and online since 1979.
  • A paid professional game master since 1982.
  • Studying the effects of role-playing games upon participants since 1983.
  • Providing role-playing games in educational settings and for educational goals since 1985.
  • Working with incarcerated populations since 1989.
  • Researching and using role-playing games to achieve therapeutic goals for a wide range of populations from 2 years old through senior adults since 2004.
  • Founder and Executive Director of the non-profit 501(c)3 charitable research and human services organization, RPG Research.
  • Founder and CEO of the for-profit RPG Therapeutics LLC and RPG.LLC.
  • Author of multiple books in technology and gaming W.A. Hawkes-Robinson books available on Amazon.
  • Creator of the wheelchair accessible RPG Mobile fleet vehicles and trailers.
  • Founder of the experiential learning Role-Playing Game RPG Museum, and much more.
  • Creator of the Brain-Computer Interface Role-Playing Game (BCI RPG) and many other related projects.
You can learn more about Hawke Robinson at

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