AI GM - An Artificial Intelligence Game Master for Role-Playing Gaming, either for the full experience as a GM, or to exist an real GM.

This is designed specifically for tabletop role-playing gamers (TRPG), not electronic (ERPG), live-action (LRPG), or hybrids (HRPG). If interested in artificial intelligence for all role-playing game formats, and not just the GM, see the AI RPG project for more information.

The AI GM is developed for several purposes:

  1. In FULL AI GM Teaching Mode: Teach brand new game masters how to play using the RPG Ability Model from "railroarding" to "training wheels" to "sandbox" as the GM trainee progresses.
  2. In FULL AI GM Play Mode: To provide tabletop role-playing game players with an AI driven Game Master (GM) / Dungeon Master (DM) if they can't find one they like in their area. A human should usually be better than the AI GM, but the goal is for the AI GM to be "good enough" when a better GM is not available.

  1. In GM Aide Mode(s):
  2. Rules Lawyer Assistant Mode: To assist an experience Game Master with various tools so the GM can focus on the story and social dynamics of the game, and not have to get bogged down in other mechanical mini.
  3. Story Teller Mode: For those GMs that like the numbers, rules, and combat, and don't enjoy the storytelling side as much but could benefit from a tool to help with enhancing the narrative side.
  4. NPC Mode: To help the GM hand off some of the NPC interaction so that the GM doesn't have to pull an "Andy Serkis" Gollum/Smeagol talking to themselves as multiple NPCs in a conversation with more than one NPC, or just to help with fleshing out and improving NPCs in general, or dynamically spinning them up with various parameters to aide the GM.
  5. Campaign Log Mode
  6. Combat Resolution Mode


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